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St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

2007 Dark Elf Lokhir Fellheart Krakenlord Citadel Drow Warhammer Corsair D&D MIB

St. Francis Xavier is proud to announce the kickoff of our capital campaign, Continue the Mission

Please visit the tab above called "Continue the Mission" to find all of the weekly updates in our Capital Campaign Newsletters.

If you have any questions, please call our Campaign Director Charles Recznik at 304.422.6786.


 2019 Easter Vigil

On Saturday, April 20th St. Francis Xavier celebrated the Easter Vigil Mass. During this joyous event we celebrated the risen Christ and welcomed four neophytes into our parish family.  We would like to welcome Sandra, Eric, Kelley, and Mike as the newest members of the St. Francis Xavier family!

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Mission Statement

We, the faithful of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, enjoy a rich and varied heritage and, guided by the Holy Spirit proclaim and live the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and His Church.  With Saint Francis Xavier as our model, we selflessly offer ourselves in service to God and one another.

  We seek always to promote the sanctity of human life and inherent dignity to be afforded to all God’s children.  We seek to witness our faith, promote a sense of community, foster the family, protect the weak, comfort the sick and dying, and announce the good news of salvation to all. 

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We join our hearts and minds by lifting our hands in worship and fostering Christian education and action.


New Parishioners Online Registration Form

If you would like to become part of our parish.  Please complete the New Parishioners Online Registration Form by clicking HERE.

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Protecting God's Children

To report an incidence of suspected child sexual abuse, please contact your local law enforcement agency, or you may confidentially contact WV Child Protective Services at 800-352-6513.

Monday & Friday 12:10pm
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am
Wednesday 7:00pm
Saturday Vigil 5:00pm
Sunday 10:30am & 5:00pm

Office Hours

Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm

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